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This is the reverse family tree I made as a gift for Brian on the day we were married. It’s reverse because instead of the ancestors being at the top, here they’re represented at the bottom, as roots. The tree is supposed to represent us — it has our names and wedding date “carved” on […]

  In his therapy sessions with Dr. Melfi, Tony Soprano usually ends up back in the same familiar places: his problems and issues tend to repeat themselves over and over and Dr. Melfi is always bringing him back to things from season one like the ducks, Tony’s mother, his rage…  Or how about my personal […]

I made the massively huge mistake last night of celebrating how soon the bar exam is over.  It was a rookie mistake.  Just recently I posted about how, among other things, one of the things that sucks about having a spouse studying for the bar is that you can’t be happy about the daily countdown […]

The other night, I think Brian and I were playing cards when he facetiously sort of growled.  You know, like a lion or whatever.  He was poking fun at me for doing something unsexy, I think, and the growl was meant to be “sexy” as a response.  Right-o.  Whatever.  Enough setup.  So I don’t know […]

Bar Exam Wife


Ten Twelve Things That Suck About Being a Bar Exam Wife: You have to do the dishes. And sometimes cook dinner. (If you can’t understand what I’m talking about because you do these things anyway and/or you like doing these two things, insert two things you hate and/or are very unskilled at and that your […]

Runaway Husband


I’ve written before about my husband and the snooze button. When he’s got a specific reason he must get up, like studying for the bar, he usually refrains from hitting snooze. He puts the alarm clock partway across the room and thus forces himself out of bed. I should get him this instead: image via […]

Her lawyer vows to ‘redefine how we understand affirmative defenses’ Columbus, Ohio (L9NN) – A man was shaken, kicked, and loudly sighed to death by his wife as he lay sleeping in their comfy queen-sized bed Thursday night in an apparent act of matrimonial snoricide.  “It’s beyond tragedy.  It’s a case of a woman driven […]

This January marks five years since Brian and I started living together. I moved in with him and his roommate after we’d made the decision to go off to school together and my lease ended with five months to go before our move. I had to leave my cat with my mom for those five […]

Brian: I’m middle aged. Me: No you’re not. Brian: Yup. I’m middle aged. Me: No. If you’re middle aged then that means you’re going to die at sixty. Brian: Middle aged doesn’t mean halfway until you die. It means those years that surround the halfway point. Me: Yeah. That’s your forties and fifties. That is […]

Reading Dr. Weissbluth’s sleep book again the other day (oh it’s a page turner), I realized how dramatically my parenting relationship with Brian has already been shaped by two things: me feeling like a giant pile of crap for four weeks after giving birth and having hubby home on paternity leave for almost all of […]