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YOU: Say, how’d your haircut go? ME: My head was pillaged. YOU: Um. (Raising eyebrows — I can sense this over the Interwebs so watch out.) Huh? ME: My head was pillaged. As in raped and pillaged. YOU: Oh. ME: Yeah. YOU: What does that even mean? ME: It means that my head was ransacked. […]

Day-After Day


I don’t know why I didn’t post yesterday. Something about it being Mother’s Day just paralyzed me. I mean, talk about pressure, right? All the blogs I read were all waxing eloquent about mothers and motherhood and I just stood there staring into their eloquent, eloquent goodness going, uh, wuh? Maybe I should just say […]

It’s a marvel to me that I ever sustained a long-distance relationship in my life given my general distaste for the phone. But yup, there it is, that high school-turned-college relationship that lasted through freshman year past graduation (with one breakup — granted I did graduate a year early). It wasn’t really all that long […]

Sunday it was “oh, dear, I need a break but I have a million things to do so I better keep on truckin’.” Monday it was a case of the grumpy grumps. Today it was all out overwhelm-ed-ness. (I added the hyphens because I want you to read the “ed” part like you would in […]

This is so me.  I decided that tonight, since I have a lot to do, I’d just write a quick post about this software I read about once that makes it so that you can’t access certain programs for a set amount of time.  The idea is that you would turn it on and say, […]

All day today I’ve been thinking of my grandmother.  I didn’t know her all that well because we lived about 350 miles away growing up, but she lived into my late teens so I feel like I knew her alright.  She was sweet and kind and the sort of person you can’t imagine ever screamed […]

At 3:40 a.m., she wakes everyone in her house with a “my Nyquil runs out in 20 minutes” coughing fit. At 3:55, between coughing fits that are really best described as spasms, she thinks, “OK.  That’s it.  We’re taking Evan out of daycare and putting him in a hermetically sealed bubble.” At 4:20, up now, […]

Two pairs of jeans: $0 Three skirts and some capris: $0 A whole slew of t-shirts and other tops: $0 Reclaiming my pre-baby wardrobe: PRICELESS. So, I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t get around to shopping on Thursday because this morning I pulled out all of my pre-Evan clothes and reclaimed about […]

Plural Of Sorry


I’m an apologizer. Living with me is like a chorus of sorries (sorrys?). My mom will tell you that I always criticize her for apologizing too often and too sincerely. At times it feels like she genuinely blames herself for whatever it is that has happened – my flight is cancelled due to weather and […]

These cupcakes, made from this recipe and frosted with this buttercream, were a definite highlight of my birthday.  And a highlight of today, for that matter, since I’m still sick and there are still leftovers. Brian and I made them together.  I love to bake and he kind of hates it (I think he hates […]