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Day-After Day


I don’t know why I didn’t post yesterday. Something about it being Mother’s Day just paralyzed me. I mean, talk about pressure, right? All the blogs I read were all waxing eloquent about mothers and motherhood and I just stood there staring into their eloquent, eloquent goodness going, uh, wuh? Maybe I should just say […]

Oh, he’ll play with it, but just you try to put that cup to his lips. Please, other moms out there, tell me that you occasionally catch yourself stressing over something completely ridiculous and that you laugh at yourself only to find yourself stressing about the exact same thing again later in the day. Come […]

Evan’s hands. I could write a war and Peace-length tome on Evan’s hands. The way they grab, hold, tug, push, pull, squeeze, and pinch. The way the curl up when he’s sleeping. The way they’ve grown calloused on two fingers where his teeth hit them as he sucks on his fingers. The way they used […]

My two men are upstairs right now, both sound asleep — Evan on Brian’s chest in front of a soccer game on TV. It’s something I haven’t seen since Evan was probably four weeks old. Apparently taking care of mommy for a week is exhausting. Since I’m still coughing I came downstairs to try to […]

One of the best things about daycare is that I get kid-decorated eggs at Easter, a Valentine with Evan’s handprint on it for Valentine’s Day, and strange stains on Evan’s clothing.  Also, Evan gets to play with other kids his age, which he seems to really enjoy. But there are also things like Absolutely Incredible […]



Evan may or may not have eaten his own poop today. Just a little bit. And then he kissed me. Talk about passive aggressive, right?



Poor Evan’s so thrown off this week I don’t know how to throw him back on. It’s hard when you know what your baby needs but you can’t figure out how to help him get it. I’ve put him down three times now for naps and left him to sleep, but unfortunately, sleep isn’t coming. […]

Press Release


To: Mom and Dad From: Evan Re: Being a Big Boy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE So, you may have noticed that I am growing a neck. It’s true. I am. I noticed that the older kids at daycare all have necks and I’m growing one now, too. Along with that, I have a few news flashes […]

(I can’t wait to see who finds me through Google with that title. Ha!) Today’s a day for loosening the screws.   Relaxing the body and mind but also relaxing my expectations. Sometimes without realizing it, I discover I’ve been tightening this vice around some part of me, increasing the pressure by the minute without […]



The last three days have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of crying being done in this house by people under the age of eight months old. (Read: Evan’s gone from barely making a peep all day to having these little mini breakdowns.) A few times on each of the last three days, Evan […]