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I wrote a couple of months ago about my new mommy friend whose positive attitude I so admire. I was struck by how genuinely she seemed to be enjoying pregnancy, even the last few weeks, while I, still 14 weeks behind her in the process, was feeling less then sunny. And that’s not even quite […]

Today I got my first “You look like you’re about to explode” comment. I also got a “Wow. You’re almost too big for your shirt.” Apparently I’ve grown to the size of a house. So I’ve been brainstorming responses to the “explode” comment: “Yeah. I just had a huge lunch.” “Oh my god! You do, […]

I wrote last month about all the lessons I’ve learned so far during my pregnancy. I wrote that during my second trimester, I learned to let go and just accept that my body knows what it’s doing. This same idea was echoed in my labor and delivery class last weekend as well: trust your body, […]

Because of the doc’s comments last week and my (perhaps unwise) sharing of said comments with my friends and family, every phone message I get now includes some variation of “So, you’re not answering your phone. Are you in labor?” Here I am at just 37 weeks today and I’m already feeling like I’m a […]



I love my new doctor. She’s really professional but still very nice. Young with two kids — ages one and three — and thus attuned to what I’m currently going through. But right now I really hate her. Yesterday at my 36-week appointment, she said that baby’s head is fully engaged and that I am […]



I know I just posted last night and I’m not sure I’ve ever posted two days in a row, nor am I planning on making a habit of it, but I just had to write this morning. Because it’s June. And even though I am due July 4th, it is possible and even likely that […]

Pregnant Poem


Sometimes, less and less lately, I write poetry. Often, I write about places. I have a poem forthcoming in GSU Review (at Georgia State University) at some future date (they haven’t said when it will be out yet) titled “Blacklick” which, though it takes its title from the “town” I live in, is really about […]

During my first trimester, when I was having a lot of headaches, I did a lot of yoga. In class, at home, in the morning and at night. During shavasana (also known as corpse pose, this is the final relaxation pose in Ashtanga yoga), rather than focusing on my breath, I often laid there and […]



I painted baby’s room over the last two day. It’s something that’s been on my list of things to do since week 20, when we found out we were having a boy, and ten weeks later I am so glad I finally just took two days off from the dissertation and preparing for class and […]

[Nick Dewar’s “Positive Attitude,” available at] I’ve been relatively quiet on the posting front lately. The truth is, aside from being completely ambushed with work around the house, work for school, and work on the dissertation, I have been feeling guilty that most of my posts this year have centered on baby. I know […]