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The Internet is just clamoring over Tiny McSmall, an online clothing store for children. Oh, how beautiful, the Internet’s proclaiming. Oh, how darling. And yes, the Internet is right: it’s adorable stuff. See? But apparently the Internet is AJ’s-Rich-Girlfriend-on-The-Sopranos rich because cute as this is, I would have to choose between buying it and feeding […]

Buck You, Ohio


Being a New Yorker living in Ohio is like what being the only gay man in a rabidly straight locker room must be like: everyone around you has pictures of women up and all they want to do is talk about women and oh my fucking god people stop asking me if I am going […]

Why, why, do things that seem so good in theory have to go so very, very wrong? I signed us up for the Freecycle Columbus Yahoo group last week thinking, yes, how good of me, joining Freecycle and being a good little recycler/trader. And oh, won’t it be so neat when someone gives me a […]

When I was a kid, TV prescription drug ads didn’t exist. There were no celebrity endorsements of osteoporosis medicines, no political endorsements for erectile dysfunction pills. All we had were these extremely vague commercials for Rogaine with Minoxidil in which there would be pictures of people doing things and an announcer telling you to talk […]

I try not to be too judge-y or too snarky but seriously folks. This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in awhile. When my mom was here a few weeks ago she bought Evan a Bumbo (pictured below). He spends a lot of his free time staring up at the ceiling or sitting on my […]

I suck today. I am fatter than I was yesterday, uglier, stupider (see?), lazier, a worse mother, a crappier wife, a terrible driver. My hair is more drab and my teeth less white. My laundry isn’t as clean. I am less able to cook than I was yesterday, and I wasn’t even able to cook […]

Can we talk about part-time infant daycare for a minute, please, Internet? What’s that? Oh, there is no part-time daycare for infants, you say? Yes, I know, I’ve tried every freaking daycare in Columbus and the surrounding area and, yeah, they already told me. No part-time infant daycare. Waste of cribs or some such nonsense. […]

Behold: the Edge Brownie Pan by Baker’s Edge. I cannot believe that I have lived, breathed, and baked oh these many years and never known about these. How, in my many visits to Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table, and the cooking aisle at Target have I not run across one of these. I own a scone […]

The title of the post says it all. I LOVE this OK Go music video (the song is “Here It Goes Again”) so much I’m considering having a small video screen implanted in my forehead so that I can play it across my head for people. Scroll down on the page I linked you to […]