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But then again, maybe I don’t… So, my nieces, who are two, have been bred on family pictures. One of their favorite pasttimes when they’re at grammy’s house is looking at the pictures on the fridge and naming all the people. They’ve got the same set-up at home and play “pictures” often. Since they live […]

Dear KidCo, Maker of Baby Gates, I just wanted to say: I’ve been through lots of gate drama in my (recent) lifetime. There was the Evenflo that was too narrow without the extension and too wide with it. There was the Summer that flew open when my kid’s butt hit it and oh-my-god-how-did-he-not-go-flying-down-the-stairs!! Breaking up […]

Have you seen this yet? I am a Honda driver, and frankly I don’t care about Pontiac at all, but I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this ad. Pontiac BRINGS IT, man, and sticks it right to BMW. There’s an accessorized chihuahua, some grey poupon, and a guy with a sweater […]

While I was dying, I got tagged (by happythings, a lovely little blog) for the “seven random things about me” meme. Since I know I have a lot of non-bloggy readers, that basically means that someone picked me to blog about seven things about myself. Like an email forward, I’m supposed to blog about said […]

While I’m a devoted hoops & yoyo fan, my mom sent me this e-card and I totally wanted to send it to all of you, my bloggy friends, on this St. Patrick’s Day. It’s hilarious, fun, and because it is interactive it possibly burns calories. I’m serious. Click the image to go play (or click […]



Evan may or may not have eaten his own poop today. Just a little bit. And then he kissed me. Talk about passive aggressive, right?

My sister-in-law’s dog Hudson is one of those giant dogs (he’s a male boxer) who struggles to express himself. He tries to tell you he’s so so happy to see you but ends up mauling you and ruining your sweater. He can’t help it. But it’s helpful if someone restrains him, preferably in a cage, […]

Press Release


To: Mom and Dad From: Evan Re: Being a Big Boy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE So, you may have noticed that I am growing a neck. It’s true. I am. I noticed that the older kids at daycare all have necks and I’m growing one now, too. Along with that, I have a few news flashes […]

The other night, I think Brian and I were playing cards when he facetiously sort of growled.  You know, like a lion or whatever.  He was poking fun at me for doing something unsexy, I think, and the growl was meant to be “sexy” as a response.  Right-o.  Whatever.  Enough setup.  So I don’t know […]

I do not have jowls. I do not have jowls. I repeat: I do not have jowls. I am also not freaked out that one day I will have jowls. Just so we’re clear on this and I don’t get all this “oh, you should love your body” and “you totally don’t have jowls” crap […]