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Poor Evan’s so thrown off this week I don’t know how to throw him back on. It’s hard when you know what your baby needs but you can’t figure out how to help him get it. I’ve put him down three times now for naps and left him to sleep, but unfortunately, sleep isn’t coming. […]

Runaway Husband


I’ve written before about my husband and the snooze button. When he’s got a specific reason he must get up, like studying for the bar, he usually refrains from hitting snooze. He puts the alarm clock partway across the room and thus forces himself out of bed. I should get him this instead: image via […]

Her lawyer vows to ‘redefine how we understand affirmative defenses’ Columbus, Ohio (L9NN) – A man was shaken, kicked, and loudly sighed to death by his wife as he lay sleeping in their comfy queen-sized bed Thursday night in an apparent act of matrimonial snoricide.  “It’s beyond tragedy.  It’s a case of a woman driven […]

I haven’t written much about Evan lately.  We’re sort of in a holding pattern right now that consist of us playing together, him playing alone, him taking a nap, and then me feeding him from a bottle.  We repeat this little pattern from waking time to sleeping time, twelve hours total, throwing in the occasional […]

Salted Baby


When I put Evan down unswaddled just now he shot me this quick look — a look like I was about to dip him into boiling hot water. Part panic, part how-can-you-do-this-to-me, part what-on-earth-is-happening. Then he burst into shrieks that really could curdle blood. This morning I got him up from a nap and he […]

Sleep: A Haiku


Writing haiku reminds me of nothing more than eighth grade English class with Mr. Burruto. He was that teacher you have who transforms your way of being just by challenging you to go beyond your supposed limits. He had us read Shakespeare, write poetry. Not just kid poetry, either, but grown up poetry. Real forms, […]

Read No More


Yesterday I decided to stop reading all the books. You parents out there know the ones I mean. Those books. The parenting and baby books. The ones that tell you what to expect, how your baby is developing, how to help him be happy, etc. The straw that broke my back was this: Evan is […]



Sleep is an incredible thing. Not only does it get rust off hubcaps and gum out of hair, it also has the power to transform your life. Case in point: Yesterday, I was what you would call Sleep Deprived for the first time in a long time. Sure, I’ve been Tired, even Exhausted, during these […]

I’ve started calling Evan by a new nickname. Fussbucket. I tried out Fussalump, in honor of A.A. Milne, and Kid Fuss, an homage to rock. Crybaby was appropriate but too literal. But Fussbucket is the one that stuck. It’s sort of poetic, I think. Which is good because Evan’s actual fussing is more cacophonous than […]

In D.C. last weekend, I heard a friend marvel at getting more than 4-5 hours of sleep. I’m not exaggerating: I need the full 8, 9 is better. Since childhood, even slight sleep deprivation (brought on, say, by a sleepover) has led to sore throats and even fevers. I am very susceptible to lack of […]