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The other night, I think Brian and I were playing cards when he facetiously sort of growled.  You know, like a lion or whatever.  He was poking fun at me for doing something unsexy, I think, and the growl was meant to be “sexy” as a response.  Right-o.  Whatever.  Enough setup.  So I don’t know […]

These are the kinds of things that bring me endless joy. This morning I was walking to school engaged in a very serious debate with myself over whether I should stop at Starbucks on my way. Stopping for a latte would require me to remove one ungloved hand from my warm, cozy, fleece-lined pockets, exposing […]

This is the kind of thing you suddenly think is hilarious when you have kids: HUSBAND: What’s shakin’ baby? WIFE: You shouldn’t even joke about that. Then we both laugh like life is just the funniest thing ever and like I’m just the most clever girl ever. If you don’t have kids, you might not […]

Brian: I’m middle aged. Me: No you’re not. Brian: Yup. I’m middle aged. Me: No. If you’re middle aged then that means you’re going to die at sixty. Brian: Middle aged doesn’t mean halfway until you die. It means those years that surround the halfway point. Me: Yeah. That’s your forties and fifties. That is […]

Both of the below scenes occurred in this very house this weekend. No names have been changed and no details exaggerated. You’ll understand if you’ve ever owned a cat. If not, I hope you’ll laugh. Snippet One:   HUSBAND: (Leaning over to pick something off the floor with a paper towel) “These are my favorite […]