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About once every other year, I get a student in one of my classes who is different. Not has-purple-hair different or only-likes-T.S.Eliot different or refuses-to-bathe different (I get plenty of those kinds of different each quarter). Different different. Everyone-notices different. Processes-information-differently different. Stutters, perhaps, and rubs his leg while he speaks. Raises his hand to […]



From Merriam-Webster: Main Entry: 1dread Pronunciation: ‘dred Function: verb Etymology: Middle English dreden, from Old English dr[AE]dan transitive verb 1 a : to fear greatly b archaic : to regard with awe 2 : to feel extreme reluctance to meet or face intransitive verb : to be apprehensive or fearful Interesting, to me anyway, that […]

To My Students


To be read on the first day of classes (Wednesday, September 19th) Please remember that I am here today because I love you. I love the idea of you. I love the writers you will be by the end of the quarter. I love being the person who helps you transform from the writer you […]

  “Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can’t build on it; it’s only for wallowing in.” — Katherine Mansfield SCENE: A mother and her son on the first day of school. The sky is blue and birds are singing […]

Julie (not me), over at The Ravin’ Picture Maven, initiates a weekly roundtable each Wednesday that she calls Hump Day Hmm. This week’s topic is political correctness. I’ve decided to try my hand at a response for a few reasons: (1) Julie seems worried that no one will post. The part of me that responds […]