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Why, why, do things that seem so good in theory have to go so very, very wrong? I signed us up for the Freecycle Columbus Yahoo group last week thinking, yes, how good of me, joining Freecycle and being a good little recycler/trader. And oh, won’t it be so neat when someone gives me a […]

A few weeks ago I wrote about what a thoughtless consumer I am. I’d link to the post but (a) I’m kinda lazy right now and (b) you can find it by searching for “chart” in the search box to the right if you just really really need to read that post. Here’s the relevant […]

In honor of Evan’s four-month birthday, I’m giving stuff away!  It’s like birthday presents, but for *you* instead of us.  Read on to learn more…  Move Over SIDS, Bisphenol-A Is The New Big Fear The new big thing for parents of infants to worry about is Bisphenol-A, an industrial chemical first synthesized in 1905 that […]

Well, folks, I say why do something if you’re not really going to do it. Right? Right. So I’m introducing more changes. BIG changes. LIFE changes. Because having a baby and returning to work and moving the blog and putting the house on the market and taking it back off the market aren’t enough. I […]

Becoming a parent has made me soft. It’s made me ignore, at least temporarily, the things I used to strive for in my pre-baby life. Like writing my dissertation, sleeping nine hours a night, finishing a thought. It has made me ignore my commitment to doing what I think is best for this great green […]

My mom’s never been a resolution-maker. Well. Strike that. She’s never been a resolution-maker on January 1st. She makes resolutions all year long: to eat healthy, to spend more time with her friends, to stay more organized, to give up her home business (she also works full time). But she’s not keen on making them […]

Perhaps made most famous by Kramer and Newman on Seinfeld, who tried to fill a postal truck with bottles from New York to return, at double the deposit refund, in Michigan, eleven states currently have “bottle bills,” also known as “container deposit laws.” A container deposit law requires a minimum refundable deposit on beer, soft […]

I’m not great, but I try to be as earth-friendly as I can. I drive a Honda Civic and try to walk or ride my bike whenever possible. I stay home to study, most days, instead of heading out to Starbucks or someplace. We recycle like crazy in our house. Since we started paying for […]