Seven reasons you should leave me a comment:

(1) Because I get all comments emailed to me, and it’s awfully nice to get emails about things other than *cheep meds* or *free softwear* or getting a *new penis.* (And if you know the answer to this question, definitely leave me a comment: Why is it that the spammers always misspell words like cheap and software but never bother to change the word penis?)

(2) Because when I read the aforementioned emailed comment, I’ll often email you back, which means that commenting on my blog will not only make you feel happy and good and all things warm and fuzzy, it will also up the good emails to crap emails ratio in your inbox, too. And then you and I will start an email relationship and we’ll be all hearts and bunnies and life will be good.

(3) Because when hubby gets home, he kisses Evan goodnight, makes dinner, and then checks my blog for comments. Every night. And then we talk about the comments as if they were things that happened to us today. So really, your leaving comments is probably strengthening my marriage by giving me new things to talk about with hubby. Your comments are an essential part of our avoiding becoming divorce rate statistics, actually. And yes, I think he likes the comments more than the actual posts.

(4) Because comments make me feel like Stuart Smalley: “I”m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me.”

(5) Because you have smart things to say and much-needed reassurances to give. I’m a needy, needy girl. Comments are like crack to me and you know how mamma needs her crack. If I had wanted a twelve-step program, I’d have joined one. Instead, I started a blog. Feed my habit.

(6) Because if you have a blog and you leave a comment, I’ll go read your blog. If you read and don’t leave a comment, I may never know your blog exists because I am lazy. And missing out on your blog would be sad. Very sad. I need more blogs to read like I need a lobotomy, but that’s my issue and not yours and should not in any way deter you from leaving me a comment. Seriously.

(7) Because I’m the mommy and I said so.


One Response to “Comments”

  1. 1 Lisa McDade

    Hi Julie! i wanted to email you and couldn’t find your email, so i ‘clicked’ on your name on my blog and came here! which i’m so glad since i didn’t know where your new blog was. Are the comments from random people? I’m slightly confused and ‘out of the loop’ on blogging and public domain. send me a real email, so i can get you up to speed on our move etc….

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